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Pastel Study
I'm an Aussie citizen starting at the uni of Sydney this semester, I just finished high school! It was so cool seeing application from an International student's perspective aha. I cant wait eeek
Comment from : Pastel Study

Ann Susan
That's sooo cool. I'm going to an Australian Uni next year too! So, did you already graduated by the time you applied to Uni?
Comment from : Ann Susan

What was your degree at Santa Clara?
Comment from : Christian

Cecilia Tanaka
bruh I applied to University of Sydney aye
Comment from : Cecilia Tanaka

morgan rayner
I would totally love to see a video on the Financial aspect of being an international student because paying for college in AU is sooooo different compared to the US. 💀
Comment from : morgan rayner

Andrew Fart Beldman
Hiii i’m planning to apply for universities in australia and i just wanted to ask if you had to submit letter of recommendations, extra curricular, college essay, etc in your application process?
Comment from : Andrew Fart Beldman

John Cena
im also goin to sydney this october i hope i’d get a chance to bump into you hehehehe
Comment from : John Cena

Nikita Byrne
I had no idea you just apply for the college in America that's so weird, I'm from Ireland and you apply to the course/degree you want here too
Comment from : Nikita Byrne

Somer R
My brother does commerce at the university of Melbourne :)
Comment from : Somer R

Emma Canfield
Completely unrelated to the video but you should do a vlog in japanese!
Comment from : Emma Canfield

Erica M
super keenn to see u in syd !!!!
Comment from : Erica M

What’s your act score
Comment from : Autumn

australian uni student at monash here! hearing what international students have to do to apply is interesting, because it’s so different to the process i went through :)
Comment from : Phaedra

sherly nadya
Good luck katelyn!
I will apply soon next year wish me luck

Comment from : sherly nadya

Catherine Zin
I’m so excited for you!!! Love your videos and hope to see you around abs xx
Comment from : Catherine Zin

Cindy Burgess
Ooh you’re at Queen Mary Building? It’s really nice there and much nicer than village.Enjoy!
Comment from : Cindy Burgess

Rafael Nguyen Alvarez
Remember to keep looking forward. College is a great experience.
Comment from : Rafael Nguyen Alvarez

Abi Russell
That's so exciting! would recommend checking out USYD rants or USYD love letters!
Comment from : Abi Russell

I’m a local and I have no expectation whatsoever to look for a apartment/home at Sydney 😭 I’ll just live with my parents, the houses/apartments in Sydney are so expensive.
Comment from : alysha

What are you planning to major in?
Comment from : Z

Jm ch
you even show us how to apply so considerate luv ya as always~
Comment from : Jm ch

ahhh you're going to b in syd!! hope i run into some day i love ur videos!!!
Comment from : vivpai

Victor Van
monash uni student n longtime subscriber here!! hope you enjoy aus :)
Comment from : Victor Van

Good luck on your new journey! Can't wait for your college videos
Comment from : hodaaa

good luck katelyn!
i will soon apply this year and i’m so nervous :”(

Comment from : LIL MEW

Elija J
The US application process sounds so crazy (in terms of how competitive it is). In most countries you just apply and if you meet the requirements you’ll likely get in.

Also just a tip in Australia, it might pay to get out out the habbit of saying ‘school’ and ‘college’ haha, that’s so American and people won’t call it that in Aussie (school literally means school up until high school). Just called uni or university in Australia and NZ.

Comment from : Elija J

Nicole Valerie
omggg I'm from australia
Comment from : Nicole Valerie

good luck at your new school!!!
Comment from : emily

Natalie Elizabeth
Omg please vlog Australia, I want to live vicariously through you
Comment from : Natalie Elizabeth

Peggy Z
Good luck in AUS!
Comment from : Peggy Z

Nikki Gonzales
so happy for you, have fun at sydney uwu

off topic but does anyone know if you’re a dual citizen (half american) but went to another country in high school, do you apply as an international student in us universities?

Comment from : Nikki Gonzales

me, a local melbourne uni student: interesting video

good luck in Sydney katelyn!! ❤️

Comment from : RISA

Britney Wong
so happy that you found a school that you’re excited to attend ^^ i was actually thinking about studying abroad in australia for a semester
Comment from : Britney Wong

Rolesha Morris
Hey.♥ I love this 100%.I truly love you.💕 You look lovely.💕 Xoxo.💕 I love your videos.♥ Please do a couple mukbangs.
Comment from : Rolesha Morris

love love love!!! <3 good luck on your new journey, i'll always root for u ❤️
Comment from : imrandelrey

alice youn
yeet im so excited to have u in sydney!!
Comment from : alice youn

Mia Concepcion
gosh, i'm late but LOVE YOU STILL!
Comment from : Mia Concepcion

Can’t wait for the vlogs! So excited
Comment from : KLEO

Good luck on your new journey.
Comment from : I'mUnlicensed

I love your videos ❤️❤️❤️ and it’s crazy you’re moving to Australia and I’ll be in Tokyo in October 😭
Comment from : Ariちゃん

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